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Being A Member Of The Trucking Industry Has Its Perks

Melbourne, Fla.— If you are a truck driver, or in the trucking business, you may enjoy some of the unique dynamics to share useful information with other truck drivers on the road, and keep them abreast of what to expect when they hit that part of a route you may have in common.

The use of a CB Radio is one of the things you may have had fun with, still! If you’re in the trucking industry you should already know the basic CB 10 codes, trucker names for cities, and trucker lingo. Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio) was used for long-range communication before the invention of email and cellular phones. Primarily used by truckers wanting to communicate with each other to pass the time on long commutes, CB radio is still used today.

Some of the most used terms you may (or may not) already been familiar with include:

All locked up – this means the weigh station is closed.

Alligator – it means there’s a piece of a blown tire on the road. Truckers usually alert fellow drivers about the presence of “alligators” on the highway because they pose a hazard that should be avoided. If you run over them, they can bounce back up and cause damage to belts, fuel lines, hoses, or the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Back it down – means slow down.

Backed out of it – it means the trucker is no longer able to maintain speed and needs to slow down to change to the slow lane.

Bambi – it means a deer.

Bear – it means there’s a law enforcement officer, mostly a state trooper or highway patrol officer.

Bedbugger – this often refers to a household moving company.

Black eye – it means the driver has a headlight out.

Brake check – this code is used to inform other truckers on the channel that the traffic ahead is tied up and they need to slow down or stop immediately.

Break – this code is used when the radio channel is busy and you want to gain access to the channel and start talking.

Breaking up – it means your signal is fading or weak.

There are so many more, you may want to spare some time learning about to be better prepared to clearly understand what happens on the road on “real time”. Also, if your company operates one or a fleet of 18 wheeler trucks, there are different types of insurance you may need to consider. As commercial vehicles and truck insurance brokers located in Melbourne, Florida, we extremely happy to offer you the benefits of working with us in the Space Coast area.

Contact one of our local commercial/truck insurance agents to find out what options are available for your trucking and transportation business in the Palm Bay area, and help you start saving on the protections needed to keep it always afloat. Melbourne Truck Insurance has the products and underwriting experience that meet the insurance needs of your business.

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