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Electric Trucks are Now Present in the USA and Canada

Melbourne, Fla.— Production starts early now in early 2021! The race to vehicle electrification has expanded to include semi trucks. Volvo Trucks is already into the game. In fact, Volvo Trucks North America has commenced sales of its Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric truck to the United States and Canada.

Volvo Trucks North America remarked that drivers would find it easy to transition to the new Volvo VNR Electric since it offers the same agility and visibility as the Volvo VNR. Moreover, since the Volvo VNR Electric offers a quieter drive, it can reduce stress and fatigue while improving overall comfort.

Powering the Volvo VNR Electric is a Volvo-proprietary electric driveline that has been fully integrated into the truck. This driveline sends 455 hp and 4,051 lb.-ft. of peak torque to the wheels via a two-speed Volvo I-Shift transmission. This driveline is supported by 264-kWh lithium-ion battery packs that can be recharged up to 80% within just 70 minutes.

On the other side, Tesla is now listing a new manufacturing process job at Gigafactory Nevada for the Tesla Semi, the automaker’s upcoming electric semi truck. After a few delays, Tesla talked about “low-volume production in late 2020”, but the timeline was later pushed to 2021. When launching the Tesla Semi in 2017, the automaker said that its production versions, which are class 8 trucks with 80,000-lb capacities, will have 300-mile and 500-mile range options. Later, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, stated that the Tesla Semi production version will have closer to 600 miles of range.

Nikola, also one of the main competitors—is offering several configurations planned for the future, including different battery packs and hydrogen power.

The hydrogen versions are still planned for a 2023 release. Budweiser has agreed to be a test fleet for the new trucks, with hydrogen fueling stations placed between four different California distribution centers, and a Nikola powered truck has already delivered a shipment of beer to the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Tre is one of three Class 8 vehicles headed to production meant for local deliveries with the One and Two being sleeper cabs.

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