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Is Port Canaveral Back in Full Business?

Melbourne, Fla.—Port Canaveral may still be recovering from the big hit caused by the pandemic, with a standstill order that paralyzed the cruise industry for about ten months, the cargo segment of the business was able to remain more stable.

While cruise took a dive, the port saw a record year for cargo and its third-best year ever for non-ship revenue such as admission fees to Jetty Park and the Exploration Tower. Cargo bested 2018′s previous record high by just over a $1 million, ending up with more than $11.1 million from 5.2 million tons. Non-ship revenue ended up with just over $13.2 million, only shy of 2020′s nearly $13.4 million and 2019′s record of more than $15.3 million.

A federal lifeline though came over the summer in the form $72 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, and the port applied nearly $18 million of that to the 2021 budget to offset a need to dip into its reserves, like it had to do in 2020.

FY 2022 is projected to get the port back on pace to break the revenue record set in 2019.

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