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Port Canaveral’s Role During The Covid-19 Season

Melbourne, Fla.—The past 16 months have been a real financial challenge for Port Canaveral just to run operations, support business lines and maintain a level of readiness for when the ships start sailing again. Our states’s seaports have suffered the economic effects of the pandemic not being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel just until now.

It was evident for executives at the Department of Transportation who went through the process of distributing $250 million in federal funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act, among Florida’s fourteen seaports. Port Canaveral, —who’s finances were severely impacted given the fact that its income is 80% tourism based stemmed from the cruise industry—received more than $72 million, compared to Port Miami with close to $67 million, and Port Everglades with more than $58 million. Other smaller ports in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Palm Beach are responsible for 60% cruise industry annual traffic.

After a shut down that lasted more than a year this finally represents new hope, not only for the ships and port management, but businesses in the area —as well as commercial transportation tied to the tourism industry, and truck companies and logistics involved in provisions and other business segments.

After so much potential loss and sacrifice posed by this global health emergency, at Melbourne Truck Insurance we stress the fact that keeping your business well covered and protected from loss or damage is key. Sometimes having the proper insurance coverage can represent the difference between a path to recovery or going out of business. General contractors, local contractors, and subcontractors are commonly required to carry commercial truck insurance by the various laws and businesses they work for.

Also, a typical coverage for commercial vehicles includes:

Bodily Injury Liability - Coverage for damages that involve bodily injury to others for which you become responsible under law.

Property Damage Liability - Coverage for damage to property of others for which you become responsible under law.

Medical Payments - Coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral services for those who are accidentally injured while in your automobile or while getting into or out of your automobile.

Personal Injury Protection - Coverage for medical, hospital, rehabilitation, loss of wages or loss of services costs resulting from injury to you or any resident family member. In case of death to the insured or a resident family member, death benefits and survivor benefits, if applicable, will be provided.

There are plenty of other options for additional coverage that you can add to customize your protection depending your business type, amount of employees, and operation.

At Melbourne Truck Insurance, we understand the many challenges you and your company needs to deal with on a daily basis. Truck and commercial vehicle insurance should not be one of them.

Contact one of our local commercial/truck insurance agents to find out what options are available for your trucking and transportation business in the Palm Bay area, and help you start saving on the protections needed to keep it always afloat. Melbourne Truck Insurance has the products and underwriting experience that meet the insurance needs of your business.

Give us a call for a FREE consultation (321) 329-5556, at Melbourne Truck Insurance.



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