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The Importance of Dump Truck Insurance

Melbourne, Fla.—Dump trucks deal with a lot of potential hazards. Because dump trucks are massive and have a unique design that is a challenge for the truck driver, which requires a different type of truck insurance. Owning and operating a dump truck is definitely a way to secure a six digit yearly income, but you must take some necessary steps to protect your investment, as well as your livelihood.

When you don’t have adequate commercial dump truck insurance, you run the risk of facing fines and liability claims, losing money, or even losing your truck. Getting dump truck insurance will keep you compliant with your state requirements and protect you from potentially heavy and unexpected financial losses.

Dump truck insurance includes several coverage options, some of which are mandatory. You will need a commercial auto liability insurance before legally operating on the road in almost all cases. Otherwise you will be breaching the law and facing possible fines and penalties.

You, however, have ways to demonstrate insurers that you are potentially a low-risk client and they might improve your rates. Remember insurance is a risk equation. Higher risk, higher premiums, the same goes the other way around. A few initiatives that have proven to help are listed below:

  • Performing thorough maintenance on your vehicle

  • Keeping clear maintenance records

  • Establish clear workplace safety policies

  • Conducting and recording safety meetings

  • On-going safety training

  • Regular screening of your truck operators

  • Implementing vehicle inspection routines

As a dump truck owner/operator, you should be covered with the following insurance types:

Trucker’s General Liability —A basic dump truck insurance includes general liability coverage as well as motor truck cargo, but getting comprehensive liability insurance is very important for a truck business because you do not just want physical damage covered.

Physical Damage—offers coverage for any type of damage that may occur to your dump truck and is not only limited to collisions. This type of dump truck insurance also covers natural disasters and vandalism. Through this liability insurance, the owner is spared from taking cash out of their own pockets if their truck needs to be repaired. Some dealerships mandate this policy, especially if you are leasing the dump truck.

Workers Compensation—is a type of coverage that will pay for the medical expenses in the event of a driver’s bodily injury. It also covers the cost related to a lawsuit in case of a claim.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance— provides protection against legal responsibilities to a third party when the incident occurs during work hours. This kind of dump truck insurance also pays for physical damage such as property damage or bodily injury and an at-fault accident.

Another addition to a dump truck insurance could be Environmental Insurance — this type of coverage would pay if you are found responsible to restore or clean up the environment after an incident that your company has caused.

When you get your insurance through Melbourne Truck Insurance you can expect:

√ Practical and accurate information about your insurance policy and your insurance company from local specialists.

√ Personal service.

Whether you need to make a policy change, have a question about billing or need to report a claim our local customer service representatives are the best in the business and will expedite your request professionally.

Contact one of our local commercial/truck insurance agents from Melbourne Truck Insurance to find out what options are available for your trucking and transportation business in the Palm Bay area, and help you start saving on the protections needed. We have the products and underwriting experience that meet the insurance needs of your business. Call us at (321) 329-5556.



Hector is a licensed insurance agent with vast experience as a Transportation Specialist.


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