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They did it again! Heroes on 18 Wheels

Melbourne, Fla.— We want to take a few minutes to reflect and be thankful to all truck drivers in America. This past holiday season, people shopped like never before and despite a multiplicity of challenges our truck drivers were there to make the season as smooth as possible for everyone. As an example, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on truckers, who have kept everything rolling from emergency goods, medical equipment and supplies, electronics, food and basic supplies. They've risked their safety and health traveling through areas hit hard by the virus. Truckers are intrepid pilots of the highway, collectively traveling 450 billion miles each year and carrying 11 billion tons of merchandise, electronics, supplies and produce to consumers.

The solid foundation that supports a production system on one side of the planet and connects it to consumers on the other side— by trucks, ships, planes, cranes, and forklifts—appears to be too rigid to absorb current industry challenges like Covid-19, the labor force, or surges in consumer demand.

Trucks are the linchpin of our American economy, responsible for moving 72% of all the goods we consume. They play an extremely important role in the supply chain for both goods arriving in ships from abroad and those made in the US. Every product that goes from an American port or factory to people's doorsteps will be carried on a truck at any given time. Some trucks haul combined shipments from different businesses while others transport specialized or dangerous goods like heavy equipment, trash, gasoline or chemicals. There are local and regional drivers who make short trips to service stores and retail outlets. Then, of course, there are port truckers who collect cargo in huge shipping containers at the docks, and intermodal workers who move freight between different modes of transport, like rail, ship and plane. They all play an important role in our way of life.

According to industry experts, trucks will continue to be the dominant freight transportation mode for the foreseeable future, and as your businesses grow, and regardless of whether your company 18 wheelers drive across the country or serve just a few states in the region, the right types of commercial auto insurance are crucial for protecting your assets. Choosing the right types of commercial auto insurance protects you from having to pay for repairs or medical bills caused by an accident, and most importantly, it can protect you against uninsured drivers.

When you get your insurance through Melbourne Truck Insurance you can expect:

  • Practical and accurate information about your insurance policy and your insurance company from local specialists.

  • Personal service.

Whether you need to make a policy change, have a question about billing or need to report a claim our customer service representatives are the best in the business and will expedite your request professionally.

Contact one of our local commercial/truck insurance agents from Melbourne Truck Insurance to find out what options are available for your trucking and transportation business in the Palm Bay area, and help you start saving on the protections needed. We have the products and underwriting experience that meet the insurance needs of your business. Call us at (321) 329-5556.



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