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Truck Insurance is Not as Daunting as You Think

Melbourne, Fla.—In the middle of a supply chain crisis, one thing is for sure—new players will arise and, there will be a lot of new owner-operators in the industry that have questions about commercial truck insurance requirements or even how to handle a freight claim. As a matter of fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will not let you operate without insurance. The FMCSA and DOT will require proof of liability insurance for your Operating Authority/MC Number application, and you must always have it handy for inspections or in the event of an accident.

Even many shippers will require you to have proper insurance before doing business with you because, having insurance shows your customers that you are able to protect their interests in case of an accident. It also protects your own interests, since you will not have to pay for total damage costs out of pocket.

There are many different coverage options within commercial truck insurance when it comes to insurance coverage. If you are hauling things like hazardous materials, the requirements can grow quickly.

Commercial Truck Insurance Market Segmentation

  • Semis (tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers)

  • Dump Trucks

  • Garbage Trucks

  • Car haulers and auto trailers

  • Tow Trucks

  • Flatbed Trucks

  • Tank Trucks

  • Box Trucks

  • Other

The requirements to obtain commercial truck insurance, although difficult, are not as intimidating as you may think. Hiring an experienced agent in this insurance market segment, ideally supported by different insurance providers that may be able offer you product diversity as well as competitive prices, will always be a good start. Also, you want to make sure you can provide as much information as possible about your company’s situation for your agent to effectively find the best fit policy for your needs.

Some insurance companies will offer you discounts based on a series of conditions like:

  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Discount - For allowing access to driving data from your electronic logging device (ELD).

  • Business Experience Discount - Business auto, commercial truck and tow truck insurance customers who’ve been in business for certain amount of years.

  • Prior Insurance Savings - Continuous insurance coverage for the last 12 months.

  • Package Discount - Business Auto customers with an in-force General Liability or Business Owners Policy.

  • Paid In Full Discount

  • Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Spend less time paying your bills and more time managing your business with EFT. EFT deducts your payments directly from your checking account and lets you avoid the check processing fees.

Discover a full-service provider of commercial insurance products, and services for trucking and commercial auto insurance. We invite you to review our programs: Truck, public transportation, and commercial specialty auto.

Contact one of our local commercial/truck insurance agents from Melbourne Truck Insurance to find out what options are available for your trucking and transportation business in the Palm Bay area, and help you start saving on the protections needed to keep it always afloat. We have the products and underwriting experience that meet the insurance needs of your business.



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